Alternative to traditional materials

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Quick overview

GDP KORAL s.r.o.

It´s a partnership of French company GDP SA, which are engaged in pultruded profiles and load-carrying constructions, and Czech company KORAL s. r. o., supplier of full range of materials and things for lamination. We are section of company GDP Group, which proposes, produces and supplies solutions on the basis of plastics composites by production plants in France, Spain and Czech Republic.


Technology of manufacturing

Plastics composites are produced by many various technologies. Company GDP KORAL is specialized in highvolume continual technologies, mainly pultrusion and pressing.


What are composite materials?

Composites are defined as materials, which are consisted of two or more components variant physical and chemical properties.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Strength and lightweight

The properties of reinforced plastics composites such as high strength and low weight are of use in sports applications mostly. Flat pressed products (laminates) are used as reinforcements into skis and hockeysticks, pultruded profiles as arrows for sports archery, for producing of fishhooks and drobber for fishermans, carrier bars of sports netting.

Low weight of reinforced plastics composites combined  with good strength properties is also used in carriage, especially in vehicles. Composite materials sink the weight of components used to producing of trucking systems such as box and other super-structure vans, so that, it´s possible to increase a cargo without increased load of axletree. The using of these materials in carriage decreases demands on services due to corrosive resistance.

Recently, composite materials are also used in the course of producing of quick-opening doors let us say industry scroll gate. The low weight of reinforced plastics composites decreases energetic demands and high strength stops possible deformation at impact. High strength combined with low weight is used in agriculture namely as carrier bars to seedling in orchading and viniculture, jambs for electric pillar systems, floor gratings in livestock production. 

Other advantages of composites are:strength and lightweight agriculture

Available profiles: