Alternative to traditional materials

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Quick overview

GDP KORAL s.r.o.

It´s a partnership of French company GDP SA, which are engaged in pultruded profiles and load-carrying constructions, and Czech company KORAL s. r. o., supplier of full range of materials and things for lamination. We are section of company GDP Group, which proposes, produces and supplies solutions on the basis of plastics composites by production plants in France, Spain and Czech Republic.


Technology of manufacturing

Plastics composites are produced by many various technologies. Company GDP KORAL is specialized in highvolume continual technologies, mainly pultrusion and pressing.


What are composite materials?

Composites are defined as materials, which are consisted of two or more components variant physical and chemical properties.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Colour, Surfacing, Machining


Composites are coloured in the mass by default, so that other painting is needless. It´s possible to carry on various imitations (e.g. wood) by means of surface veils.

For customer´s request it´s possible to make a profile of any colour from our RAL colour card. The profiles can be painted by special colour for achieving of extremely smooth surface or in case of request of other colour than RAL.



Surface of pultruded profiles can be adjust by different ways as peel ply, coextrusion, varnisching, markings, labels.

Peel ply

It´s possible to peel upper ply, if better adhesion of laminate is requested for sticking or roughing for antiskied treatment..


Coextrusion is the best way to add properties of thermoset and thermoplastic profiles. Thermoplastic materials can be coextruded directly on pultruded profile for in the course of producing. Following materials are avalaible for coextrusion: PE, PP, PA 6, PA 66, PA 12, ABS, PET, PC, PMMA.


Surface of products can be also varnisching .

Markings, labels

Surface of profiles can be printed or designated by labels according to customer´s request.

Úprava povrchů


It is possible to machine profiles by usual methods as sawing, boring, grinding, turning, milling.

Composite machining is similar to wood machining, only we recommended to use an equipment for steelmachining because of abrasive resistance of reinforcement. We recommended hardmetal or diamond equipment for big series.

Pultruded glass-fibre reinforced plastics profiles are elastic and turning or flexion of long profiles can be occured in the course of machining. Therefore it´s always necessary gripping by firm shoring without vibration.

All cuts of profiles must be covered e.g. varnisching, if the profiles are used in chemical corrosive mediums.

More in design manual.