Alternative to traditional materials

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Quick overview

GDP KORAL s.r.o.

It´s a partnership of French company GDP SA, which are engaged in pultruded profiles and load-carrying constructions, and Czech company KORAL s. r. o., supplier of full range of materials and things for lamination. We are section of company GDP Group, which proposes, produces and supplies solutions on the basis of plastics composites by production plants in France, Spain and Czech Republic.


Technology of manufacturing

Plastics composites are produced by many various technologies. Company GDP KORAL is specialized in highvolume continual technologies, mainly pultrusion and pressing.


What are composite materials?

Composites are defined as materials, which are consisted of two or more components variant physical and chemical properties.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Load-carrying construction

The fibre-reinforced plastics composites are good alternative to traditional construction materials such as steel (stainless), iron or wood. We produce a profiles, gratings or planks. The products can be supplied individually or as complete walkways and bridges, industrial stairs, railing.

Nosné konstrukce

Advantages of reinforced plastics composites as structural material are:

Our profiles satisfy requirements minimally accordant with requirements E 23 of standard EN 13706, which is a European standard valid for pultruded profiles for construction purposes.

The standard specifies minimal demands on quality and toleration as well as strength properties of construction profiles.

Basically, the standard divides pultruded structural profiles in two classes:

The standard contains three parts:

Part 1 specifies a designation of construction profiles with respect to choice of material, reinforcement, surface treatment etc. 

Part 2 indicates a test methods as well as tolerations for pultruded construction profiles. An instructions for quality and her safeguard are also introduced.

Part 3 assignes a minimal values of technical parametres of construction profiles in relation to two classes of the standard.

Property EN 13706Units Standard
Minimum properties that are requirested EN 13706 E 23 E 17    
Full section test 23 17 GPa  EN 13706-2:2006
Tension modulus - axial 23 17 GPa  EN ISO 527-4
Tension modulus - transverse 7 5 GPa  EN ISO 527-4
Tension strength - axial 240 170 MPa  EN ISO 527-4
Tension strength - transverse 50 30 MPa  EN ISO 527-4
Pin-bearing strength - axial 150 90 MPa  EN 13706-2:2006
Pin-bearing strength - transverse 70 50 MPa  EN 13706-2:2006
Flexural strength - axial 240 170 MPa  EN ISO 14125
Flexural strength - transverse 100 70 MPa  EN ISO 14125
Interlaminar shear strength - axial 25 15 MPa  EN ISO 14130

Available profiles: