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Quick overview

GDP KORAL s.r.o.

It´s a partnership of French company GDP SA, which are engaged in pultruded profiles and load-carrying constructions, and Czech company KORAL s. r. o., supplier of full range of materials and things for lamination. We are section of company GDP Group, which proposes, produces and supplies solutions on the basis of plastics composites by production plants in France, Spain and Czech Republic.


Technology of manufacturing

Plastics composites are produced by many various technologies. Company GDP KORAL is specialized in highvolume continual technologies, mainly pultrusion and pressing.


What are composite materials?

Composites are defined as materials, which are consisted of two or more components variant physical and chemical properties.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001

General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1 - General

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale contained herein ("General Conditions"), shall apply to 1) all offers, quotations, order confirmations issued by GDP KORAL s.r.o. ("Supplier") and 2) all Agreements as hereinafter defined between Supplier and any (prospective) Buyer  ("Buyer"). Supplier only accepts Purchase Orders for any products and/or services subject to the General Conditions.

"Order Confirmation" shall mean the written confirmation by Supplier to sell or supply to Buyer the products and/or services descriped therein. "Purchase Order" shall mean the written or verbal order by Buyer to purchase from supplier any products and/or services.

Only the issuance of an Order Confirmation by Supplier in response to a Purchase Order shall constitute an agreement, which is binding on Supplier and Buyer ("Agreement").

Supplier may withdraw its offers and quotations without notice at any time before an Agreement between Supplier and the Buyer comes into existence.

Cancellation of a Purchase Order and products and/or services returned for credit shall not be accepted. Purchase Order shall be deemed binding on the Buyer and open for acceptance by Supplier for the validity period specified therein, or if not specified therein, for a period of 180 days from the issued date. Unilateral cancellation by buyer within such period shall not be valid.

Upon entering into an Agreement with Supplier, Buyer is deemed to have accepted the General Conditions as an integral part of the Agreement. Unless Supplier expressly agrees otherwise in writing, the General Conditions prevail over any conflicting or additional terms or conditions stipulated or reffered  to by Buyer.

Article 2 - Prices

All of Supplier´s offered, quoted, published or notified prices are non-binding and are subject to alternationat any time without prior notice and in particular may be altered to reflect any increase in cost to Supplier caused by the imposition or leaving by any governmental or other authority of any country of any import or other duty, tax or charge.

All prices are qioted exclusive of taxes, packaging and carriage and based upon delivery "Ex Works", according to the Incoterms 2000. 

Article 3 - Terms of Payment

All payments shall be made in accordance with the Oredr Confirmation. The sales price of the products and/or services is to be received by Supplier no later than the due date of the invoice. Supplier has at all times the right to claim full or patial payment in advance and/or to otherwise obtain security for payment.

Neither disputes arising under any Agreement, nor occurrences beyond the control of Supplier or the notifiaction by Buyer of any claims or demands with respect to any deliveries shall affect Buyer´s payment obligations under any Agreement. 

Supplier may charge interest on any overdue payments at the rate of 15% per annum from the due date until the actual date of payment. Buyer shall also be liable for all judicial and extra judicial collection costs.

Title of ownership of all products supplied by Supplier shall not pass to Buyer until settlement of all of the salea price and all other sums due to Supplier.

Article 4 - Delivery

The Incoterms 2000 or its subsesquent modifications publisked by the International Chamber of Commerce and any specific product delivery conditions stated by the Internationl Confirmation, shall apply to all deliveries made under the Agreement. In case of any conflict between Incoterms and any terms of the Agreement the latter shall prevail.

Supplier will make every endeavor to deliver products and/or services on the date stated on the Order Confirmation, but Supplier shall not be liable for failure to do so for any reason. Supplier is entitled to make partial deliveries.

Supplier´s weights and measurements shall govern unless proven to be incorrect.

Only differences in volume in excess of 0.5% may be subject to quantity claims.

Buyer shall inspect the products and/or services immediately on quality and quantity upon delivery there of by Supplier.

Article 5 - Loss or Damage

Risk of loss and damage to the products shall pass to Buyer upon delivery by Supplier.

Notofication of non-delivery of any quantity of products and/or services as well as any visual damage to any products must be made by the Buyer to the Supplier expressly in writing within five days from the date such products or services were offered for delivery. If no such nitification is received by Supplier within such time limit, all products and/or services shall be deemed delivered in the agreed quantity, free from visual damage

Article 6 - Warranty

Supplier warrants that the products and/or services supplied shall at the time of delivery conform to the technical specifications set forth in the Order Confirmation. Supplier gives no other warranties, express or implied, with respect to any products or services. Any warranties that may be applicable pursuant to any laws or regulations, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any use or purpose, are expessly excluded.

Article 7 - Warranty Defective Products

Provided that the contracted terms of payment are observed, that the purchased products are stored, installed, used and maintained correctly. Supplier will, for a period of 1 year commencing on the day of delivery, undertake to supply replacements or repair such products and/or services as have become demonstrably unserviceable as a result of manufacturing defects.

The defective products are to be returned to Supplier upon request. Buyer is not entitled to submit remedies for defective performance other than the above, and Buyer is not therefore entitled to cancel the Agreement, claim a proportionate recudtion or a compenstaion for any form of loss or expense caused by a defect. The above liability of Supplier to replace or repair is solely related to supplying replacements or repairing the products and/or services. 

Supplier is only liable for bodily injury caused by a defect in the product delivered by Supplier to the extent that this results from mandatory product liability. The liability of Supplier relates solely to the products delivered by Supplier. Supplier is not liable for damage caused to property by the products of Supplier. In the event that the products and/or services of Supplier are used as components, or as whole parts in the production of a new product, Supplier is not liable for losses following a situation where the manufactured products would have to be discarded, repaired or become more expensive to manufacture or to machine or become decreased in value as a consequence of defective products and/or services delivered by Supplier.

Supplier can never be responsible for loss of profits, loss of time or any other indirect losses. Buyer is liable to inspect the products upon receipt and make immediate complaints in the event of defective goods. If this is not complied with, any claims against Supplier will lapse after one year from the delivery of the products and/or services to Buyer.

Buyer is liable to indemnify Supplier to such an extent that Supplier is made liable to a third party for such damage  and losses for which Supplier is not responsible to Buyer according to the above sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

Article 8 - Force Majeure 

Supplier will not be responsible for any delay or failure to fulfil any term or condition of any Order Confirmation, Agreement or other obligation to the extent such delay or failure is caused or results from any other event which is beyond the control of Supplier, including but not limited to:(i)strikes, labor disturbances, (ii) unavailability or shortage of raw materials or auxiliary materials, (iii) transportation problems, (iv) in cases, where Supplier itself is not the manufacturer of any product sold to Buyer, failure by its regular supplier for any reason to supply such product as well as modification of such product by the manufacturer which was not foreseen by Supplier at the time of the offer, quotation or Order Confirmation. 

Article 9 - Governing Law/Disputes

Any agreements and documents to which these General Conditions apply shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Czech Republic.

Any disputes arising from any agreements or documents to which these General Conditions apply shall be exclusively submitted to the competent courts in Czech Republic.